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The Alpha Sheet delivers 16 exceptional Model portfolios to your inbox at each monthly rebalance that includes trade signals, client-friendly charts and statistics, plus a weekly Sunday Snapshot of current market activity. Our advanced signal processing improves the selection of bull market leaders and our Dual Defense™ methodology provides better bear market exits. RIAs and Family Offices no longer need to pay the high fees of outsourced investment professionals for average results.
Momentum Leaders — Our advanced signal processing reduces market noise to more clearly identify the momentum leaders most likely to outperform next month.
Dual Defense — Our StormGuard™ and TrendGuard™ indicators assess both broad markets and your specific funds to decide whether to be bullish or bearish.
Easy to Use — These Dual Defense Models were developed and simplified so you can skip complex technical analysis and focus on acquiring and serving clients.
Client Friendly — Each Model has a complete set of simplified charts describing its construction, basic performance, and shorter term performance expectations.
Try it Free — Please try The Alpha Sheet risk-free with our 30-day free trial.
The Dual Defense Portfolios
These 16 Models Address the Investment Objectives of Most any Client
Example Portfolio: The SNUG Tactical Risk Mitigiation Portfolio
The SNUG Tactical Risk Mitigation Portfolio is our flagship defensive portfolio designed for conservative investors seeking steady growth. The portfolio is made from four underlying strategies that utilize our cutting-edge rules-based momentum algorithm to select trend leaders from a diverse universe of over 60 ETFs, including bonds, treasuries, gold, and the S&P 500. With a 60/40 backbone and the inclusion of defensive ETFs to challenge momentum leadership, the Tactical Risk Migitgation Portfolio offers a superior approach to defensive investing.
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Momentum critically controls
bull and bear market fund selections.
The challenge is seeing past market noise to select momentum leaders.
We seek momentum
leaders in both bull
and bear markets
We automatically
rotate to defensive
funds in bear markets
Low-noise signal
processing leads to
better fund selections
How Our Process Works
When StormGuard indicates a bear market, each of the portfolio’s underlying strategies selects a momentum leader from among a defensive set of candidate ETFs (such as bonds, treasuries, commodities, and others). StormGuard acts as Dual Defense’s first line of defense. In Bull Markets, each of the underlying momentum strategies within a portfolio select a momentum leader from among a set of candidate equity funds, which includes a broad “backstop” fund designed to act as a performance floor for the Strategy. We refer to the backstop’s defensive benefit as “TrendGuard,” the second line of defense of Dual Defense. Most Alpha Sheet portfolios incorporate the TRM (Tactical Risk Mitigation) Portfolio as its backstop.
Scott Juds, The Alpha Sheet's CEO, explains, “We believe momentum detection is the key to profitable fund selection for both bull and bear market holdings. The challenge is to see past market noise to select momentum leaders. In unusual equity markets like we’ve experienced from 2021 through 2023, momentum signals can become degraded by market noise resulting from policy-induced reversals. TrendGuard can then become an important defensive tool that seeks to provide a performance floor when longer term momentum can’t get traction. Together with StormGuard, this approach provides what we call Dual Defense.
Scott Juds, President and CEO
SumGrowth Strategies, LLC
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